Postpartum depression

You’ll probably find that you need more help and support after the baby is born. It’s helpful if you know what is needed and where there is the information that you are looking for

Postnatal depression (PND) is very popular. It affects 15% of the new mothers, but there are many who feel tired, exhausted, sometimes feel lonely and isolated. Often it started about three weeks after birth but can also come many months after you have your baby. There is no fixed time frame for the recipe, or you will feel like.


Where is the best place of birth

Before that, you also need to decide whether you should ANC where and who will be delivered to you. Currently, many hospitals will give your loved ones on during childbirth, so you should also think about choosing who to the end “through labor” with me! If as before, almost all babies are supported birth at home so now, most women choose to give birth in the hospital. Depending on where you live and your conditions, you can choose where to pick up their baby is born. (more…)