Choosing diapers suit sensitive skin of newborns

Choosing diapers suit sensitive skin of newborns

Diapers are one of the things to be prepared even before birth. But when there are too many kinds of diapers are sold on the market leading to many reviews on the internet such as cloth diaper reviews, paper diaper reviews…, the mother will be very difficult to distinguish the difference between the kinds of diapers. Actually, different types of diapers are at a certain point. Especially, for newborn, you need to choose a special type with special size because newborn skin is very sensitive. Here let’s scrutinize the diapers to filter out the things to keep in mind in choosing diapers and helping you choose the best cloth diapers for newborns!

Baby’s buttocks

Baby skin is extremely sensitive. Therefore, the skin problems are likely to occur. Thin and smooth skin of thin epidermis baby only half of the adults, so just be a little bit signed certificate is also very vulnerable.

Also, babies are easy sweating. Inside the diaper, the heat from the urine of children makes the jaw more susceptible to the diaper. When it gets wet by sweat or heat, the skin becomes very sensitive to the type of irritation should be very prone to redness or injury, causing germs are easily penetrate skin inflammation. This condition is called “diaper rash”. To choose a product suitable with newbon sensitive skin and avoid rash, mother can refer to LBB cloth diapers reviews. With cotton material, LBB pocket diapers are the good choice for newborn baby to avoid rash.

The relation between the diapers and baby

For infants, due to urinary excretion function has not yet been developed, so the baby’s bladder almost no capacity to store urine. Therefore, she will urinate many times, from 15 to 20 times a day! During this period, he only supplied nutrients through breast milk and formula, so the baby’s stool will also liquid. Just so, she’ll defecate several times, about 10 times one day reach!

In addition, during this period, the baby usually sleeps during the day. Although she’s just one of the urine discharged in about 5-20cc1 days, if not soaking up diapers, urine component adhesive on the skin longer jaw g will cause a skin rash or lumpy. Additionally, due to the baby’s stool remains in a liquid such as water, should be capable of going beyond spilled over across the baby’s back or thigh around, soiling or bed lining, causing the mother to wash very hardship!

The experience for mothers to choose a diaper

Do you know the experienced mother based on what criteria to select the appropriate diaper? As per the growing baby, the baby’s vital functions also vary, so we carried out a survey of mothers with children in the neonatal period, to learn about the functionality that the diaper for infant needs.

The basics such as skin gently with baby’s buttocks and do not cause spills are extremely important for infants. The fit and the ability of the diaper absorbency will decide whether there is skin irritation and jaw or not, as well as the urine has been spilled or not.

In this period, she will urinate several times, each time with a very small amount of urine. Therefore, one of the properties needed good diaper is to absorb quickly, thoroughly, and ensure that the baby’s buttocks do not get wet.

Things need special attention in hot weather

As noted above, much of the newborn mother knows very sweating. In hot summer, easy baby sweating even more. Therefore, in addition to the risk of rash, the mother also needs to pay attention to the risk of heat rash on her skin well ahead.

Prone to heat rash stand where?

Above are the results of the survey when the mother asked the experienced on-site quick-heat rash on her body in hot weather. Does baby sleep more than half a day every day, very secrete sweat in the back, especially in places exposed diapers with the baby’s back? So the mother should choose the material diapers as soft and airy as possible.

How to choose diapers to fit her body?

  • Determine the size diapers
  • Note if the diaper is right for her body or not
  • Check the child’s stool when she was a few months
  • The development of the baby’s motor skills

Above are the factors that a diaper should have in the opinion of the mother is experienced. With the ability to gently protect your baby’s sensitive buttocks, diapers Moony is the very reassuring choice for moms!

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