Different Materials used in the Pregnancy Pillow

Different Materials used in the Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy pillows are some of the necessary and mandatory tools that you will need by your side as you progress in this crucial journey of pregnancy. But before you make the final decision to settle for a pregnancy pillow, you need to take some factors into consideration so that you can land on the right kind of pillow that will serve you best.

One of the main factors that you will need to consider as you buy a pregnancy pillow is the kind of material used in the pillow. The type of material used in the pillow is important because the pillow is actually the material and the filling material will play an important role in determining and affecting other crucial factors before you buy the pillow and as you use it.

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But why exactly are filling materials all that important and what role will they play in the buying and usage mix? Base on these knowledge, you can choose top rated pregnancy pillows to have highest comfort while sleeping during you pregnancy. Below are listed the three most important things that filling materials will influence and determine:

  • It will affect your health: The first and most important thing that filling materials will affect is your health. This applies when you have an allergy for some of the materials used in the pillow. For instance, if you are that kind of a woman who becomes allergic to fiber during your pregnancies, then you will need to opt for a pillow that is filled with natural and organic materials.
  • It will affect the comfort level of your pregnancy pillow: Another reason why the kind of filling material is important in is that it will determine the level of comfort that you will enjoy as you use the pillow.
  • It will determine the pricing of your pillow: Lastly, the kind of material that fills the pillow will play a role in determining the price of the pillow.

Having said all the above, we can now take a look at the different types of filling materials that are used in pregnancy pillows.

Styrofoam ball filling

This is another kind of material that is used in pregnancy pillows and it is mostly found in low priced pillows. But the good side of this material is that it allows your pillow to easily flow with your body shape. In addition, pillows made from this material are light and easy to carry. The only disadvantage of this kind of material is that it makes your pillow noisy.

Polyester fiber filling

This kind of filling material is great because it is not noisy and it offers a greater level of comfort because it is soft. Polyester is also known to be a good choice because it does not breathe like many of the other artificial materials.

Micro-bead filling

This is another popular material that is used to fill pregnancy pillows. The good side of beads is that they are very light hence they don’t make your pillow bulky. The light nature of the material allows you to carry the pillow easily and use it more comfortably. In addition to being light, these beads also offer you greater support, not to mention that they are also quiet and hence you enjoy a quiet rest on the pillow.

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Natural and organic filling

These are another type of material that will enable you to have a natural feel as you support your pregnancy. Natural materials come in different forms and some of them are listed below as follows:

  • Wool
  • Spelt
  • Kapok

Memory foam filling

Pillows that are made from this kind of material are cool and they are known to assume the shape of the user’s body. The flexibility of the materials ensures that as soon as you lift your body from off the pillow, it goes back to its own shape.

Another mark of pregnancy pillows made from this kind of material are firmer. But the downside of pillows made from this material is that they tend to get hotter as you continue using them.

Parting shot

Up to here, you understand the different materials used in pregnancy pillows. You now know different implications that filling materials will have on your comfort, health and pricing of pregnancy pillows and next time you should be able to make a wiser decision based on this factor. Let’s choose for yourself the best to have a safe and great pregnant period with your baby.

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