Everything pregnant women should know during 1-week fetus

Everything pregnant women should know during 1-week fetus

Congratulations, you now officially pregnant. After 2 weeks the embryo is formed, this week means you are in the beginning stages of pregnancy and had a sperm and an egg combine to succeed. If by chance that you fall two eggs at the same time and both were fertilized, you will carry twins. You would not know it, all things are happening deep inside your fallopian tubes, and extremely small to be able to recognize. Although the first weeks of pregnancy, you still have to take a few weeks or so before you feel the effects of pregnancy hormones on the body.


The process of fusion of sperm and egg takes about 24 hours. Only a walk sperm into eggs after the core had to overcome many previous races. At the time received sperm, eggs will form a protective outer layer of the wall to prevent other attacks. Finally, the remaining sperm has to give up. If an egg is fertilized by a single sperm and separated, it will form identical twins from the start this time.

Now newly fertilized egg is officially called a zygote and is divided into more cells, at the beginning only 2 cells until day 3, it will multiply to 12. During this phase, the zygote still also in the oviduct and are looking the way to the uterus and then stay there to prepare for the long journey to 37 weeks or more. Some cilia in the pipeline will create a wave of eggs to prevent the zygote stand still in place not designed for it. It takes about 60 hours to the zygote is pushed down the uterus, at this stage it has 60 cells and then, all the division of tasks and separate functions. The outer cells will form the placenta still inside will form the fetus.

About a week after fertilization in the fallopian tube, nest egg in the uterine wall. Now there are about 100 interconnected cells and is called embryo. At this time, hormone chorionic gonadotropin human pregnancy (hCG) is produced, and it can be measured by blood tests or urine. If the uterus does not receive the signal to produce hCG, it is no longer needed and will be pushed out in the next period.

Physical changes in the first week

It is still too early for you to realize that I’m pregnant. Although stopped using contraception and can hope, but that would take a few weeks to make sure is new.

There are some women believe that they can know when you get pregnant. They found strange taste in mouth, feel the difference and get the feeling that something had just happened. But the hormonal changes of this time are not the only reason leading to the symptoms listed above but do not underestimate their claims.

Everything is sorted Creator is perfect, so you do not need to be careful about physical activity or change their habits to anything. If one of your egg is fertilized, it itself knows where to go and what to do.

Your emotions this week

You might feel a bit “extreme” because every time passes quicker want to make sure you have a successful pregnancy. Be calm, if you get pregnant right now is the time needed for the development of the fetus. Do not be too hasty.

Fetal changes this week

Until now your baby looks just head pin. It was just a cluster of cells, but it will multiply and divide rapidly during the 24 hours a day.

Tips for pregnant mom 1 week

If you go to the dentist for a dental check, remember to let them know that maybe you are pregnant. X-rays can affect pregnancy in the early stages like this.

Be aware and stay away from environmental hazards around the likely impact on cell division in the early stages of pregnancy, such as pesticides or chemical substances.

Stay away from alcohol and not taking the medication unless it is prescribed medications for you.

Do not forget to add the vitamin folic acid.

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