Everything pregnant women should know during 3-week fetus

Everything pregnant women should know during 3-week fetus

When pregnancy is three weeks, you probably would have missed a week and may even begin to feel more clearly than usual, but you can ignore this because you think it is just imaginable. If you have not tested with test strips, you should do it this week. Note the best time to do this test is the first urine stream in the morning when the levels of the HCG hormone will at the highest level.

The changes in body condition during pregnancy week 3

You can have a feeling very similar to last week, nothing changed. Do not worry. Every woman is different and therefore will have a different experience in you.

You may feel nauseous, especially when you wake up in the morning, or sometime after eating. You can even vomit or feel like going to vomit several times a day.

You may feel weak or lightheaded, and need to rest more. This situation can be worse if your blood sugar is low and has for a long time after you have not eaten a meal again.

Your sense of smell becomes very sensitive, the smell that you previously did not even pay attention to, now have a strong impact on your nose. Perfume, food, car exhaust, body odor and others may be enough to make you feel sick.

You can feel the tension and discomfort in the abdomen similar to the feeling when menstruation. This is because the pelvic erection and increased blood supply to the uterus.

Placenta and Amniotic sac are still being formed when you five weeks pregnant. We have fetal protection functions, provides nutrients as well as all the elements necessary to support the baby until birth. All things are happening in your womb, and that is why you can always feel tense and full.

You can feel heavy and more sensitive to the chest. You are no longer prone to sleep as before anymore because the immediate pain in the chest.

Changes in emotions

At this point, you can feel touched and tears quickly. You feel the same time there are many mixed emotions, excitement, joy, anxiety, and guilt. This is a week full of emotions; especially if you plan to have a baby, and now found out she was pregnant.

Conversely, you cannot feel happy at all. Women are not always happy to discover she was pregnant, and in this case, this may be a disappointing week for you. Many women find it difficult to face the pregnancy alone, and it takes a while to accept the fact that the positive result.

Can you are torn between asking a pregnant woman other for advice, and keeping this secret to herself. For many people, this is a very special time, when all the others are not aware that they are pregnant. Until this time, you still can keep the good news a little secret to yourself.

You can start worrying about the health of your baby as well. This is quite a stressful time because much of what you’re going through may be new and unfamiliar to you. You can even worry about how your partner feels, or the pregnancy will affect how the relationship your spouse.

 You do not know whether to tell family and friends about the pregnancy or not. The first 12 weeks of pregnancy is the period may have more risks and not all of them go to a good cause. So often, couples are also considering whether to share the good news with everyone at this time or not. Many people wait until after the 12th week, when the risk of miscarriage has dropped to below 1%, the new publication is about the baby news.

The changes in your baby

In this week, the size of a grain embryo orange or fingertips, and can be seen on the ultrasound screen.

The baby looks like a tadpole with a rudimentary heart has started beating bring blood circulation throughout the body small. At this stage, sometimes you can also see a picture of the heart is beating on the ultrasound screen. At this time, a vaginal ultrasound will be able to more than an abdominal ultrasound.

Although heart, this time, do not look like a heart complete with four compartments, the current tube is indeed done a perfect job.

Brain and spinal cord of the baby are forming but still open.

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