Everything you should know during 2-week pregnancy

Everything you should know during 2-week pregnancy

This is the nesting period. This week, the embryo, now called a blastocyst, is moving into the uterus and finds a suitable location to nest throughout the 38 weeks. Nesting events typically occur at about the time you have a monthly cycle, so many women are not surprised when they are slight bleeding in the 2nd week. However, if you think it’s just a little blood leaks, then it may be due to the blastocyst are nesting in the uterus, rather than the normal menstrual blood. Because at this stage, the uterus is stretching up with a lot of blood, so when the blastocyst attaches to it, it might cause slight bleeding. Some women think that they can really feel the time when blastocyst implantation and one can say that they are wrong?

Can you get excited yet?

You think you’ll be doing this week, but if practically no, you can begin to doubt about being pregnant. You should check the marked notes about your cycle on the calendar. You may feel some early symptoms of pregnancy, the body that you somehow feel a little different than the normal condition. Even so, do not worry if you still feel very normal, nothing else. Even if you are officially pregnant 2 weeks, at this very early stage, your body can still no signs or react to the changes taking place.

You are able to perform blood or urine tests to confirm pregnancy at this time. Both tests are very sensitive to the hormone HCG if this hormone is already present in your body. You can also test yourself at home using the pregnancy test. The best time to do this is when you wake up in the morning, because then, HCG levels will at the highest level.

The changes in body condition during pregnancy week 2

You can feel like cramping and feeling “stiffness” in the lower pelvic area. You can also feel bloating, flatus or more than normal.

You can start to feel a little nauseous, or morning sickness, especially in the morning. The smell of food, or even just thinking about it, whether that individual is your favorite dish, also can make you feel slimy. Coffee, fish, red meat, or even pet food in the house is enough to make you feel like vomiting.

You feel chest nipples were erect and become more sensitive. The chest is full and can look more rounded; especially in capital cases you normally have slightly smaller breasts.

You may want to urinate more frequently. And although each time only a small amount, but it seems you cannot endure very long as you previously had. This is due to the increase in blood volume and pressure of the bladder, uterus presses down below.

You may leak blood little due process blastocyst implantation in the uterine wall.

These emotional changes

You can feel nervous and anxious. You just wait and see menstruation or not, on the toilet to test, and time passes it seems endless.

You can feel like when you’re menstruating normally. The more sensitive, the more irritable and generally erratic mood.

If you are trying to get pregnant but the test strip for a negative result, you may feel very disappointed. Now, talk, talk with your husband or relatives. Otherwise, if you do not plan to get pregnant but found out he was there, this may make you anxious, tense for some time.

Fetal changes this week

This week, your baby is only the size of a poppy seed, and barely visible to the naked eye.

There are many organizations and the division of cells occurs in the 2nd week of pregnancy. Three separate cell layer begins to form. The epidermis (outer layer) of the following will become skin, eyes, hair, nervous system, brain, and even a baby’s tooth enamel. The middle layer (mesoderm) will become the backbone, muscle and kidney tissues and vascular system (blood). The inner layer (endoderm) will eventually become the organs of the baby.

When a cell has a specific function, it cannot become other cell types. Each cell is programmed from the start to carry out specific tasks and will become a specific agency.

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