How to keep your child distracted during shaving

How to keep your child distracted during shaving

The prospects of using the best hair clippers ( more information ) to groom your child and get them to look smarter and better groomed are always conceived with excitement by many DIY parents .This is because the decision to shave your kids from home creates some of the best moments to be and bond with your children as well are rare opportunities to exercise a true parental spirit with your kids.

However, the process of achieving the benefits of shaving your kid’s head is not a bed of sweet roses. This is because kids are very unpredictable and they can swing from one mood to another and all that without either warning or apology. That is why when you decide you will do the barber’s job, you need to device the best and most suitable ways of getting the cooperation of your kid throughout the entire shaving sessions.

That is why as a smart and patient parent, you need to master the art of distracting the kids as you take them through this important grooming ritual. It is therefore the purpose of this article to share with you some of the best tips that will help yodu distract the young ones as you do the hair clipping. The tips that we are going to share are not lecture room or textbook theories. On the contrary, these tips are real life experiences that many parents have gone through and hence they will add a layer of mastery to your shaving experience as you apply them.

Make the deal sweeter

Every parent who has dealt with kids knows too well that during such moments, you will need to create a balance between the ultimate good of the child and nurturing their undeveloped freewill. One of the best ways of ensuring that you tilt their freewill towards your agenda is trying to get them make an favorable decision towards the process without being compelled .You can keep the kid busy by buying them a pack of their favorite candy and sweets so that they can give you rest as you shave them.

Make the deal liquid

If sweet solids in the mouth of the kid don’t work well, you can decide to go the marine way and still subdue their freewill without them knowing that someone has taken over their will. You can carry out the clipping in the bathtub and allow the boy or girl to keep playing in the water as you mow down the hairs on their head. The best side of this trick is that it is very easy to clean up the having venue after you are through with the grooming process.

Show them a real haircut movie

For you to distract the baby and prepare them to love haircuts in the future, try showing them a video of another baby being shaved. All kids are highly visual-oriented and they learn more by what they see than through what you tell them. To cement the message that shaving is fun and not some sort of torture “big people inflict upon smaller people”, just show them a movie of a kid being shaved and coming out smarter and happier.

The movie will destroy all the fears within the baby’s head and get them to concentrate. This is because the reason why kids need to be distracted is that they have some undercurrent fears about the whole process. But when they watch a fellow kid enjoy such a wonderful process, it is just a matter of time that they will begin loving and looking forward to get shaved.

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