Everything pregnant women should know during 3-week fetus

When pregnancy is three weeks, you probably would have missed a week and may even begin to feel more clearly than usual, but you can ignore this because you think it is just imaginable. If you have not tested with test strips, you should do it this week. Note the best time to do this test is the first urine stream in the morning when the levels of the HCG hormone will at the highest level.

The changes in body condition during pregnancy week 3

You can have a feeling very similar to last week, nothing changed. Do not worry. Every woman is different and therefore will have a different experience in you.


Everything you should know during 2-week pregnancy

This is the nesting period. This week, the embryo, now called a blastocyst, is moving into the uterus and finds a suitable location to nest throughout the 38 weeks. Nesting events typically occur at about the time you have a monthly cycle, so many women are not surprised when they are slight bleeding in the 2nd week. However, if you think it’s just a little blood leaks, then it may be due to the blastocyst are nesting in the uterus, rather than the normal menstrual blood. Because at this stage, the uterus is stretching up with a lot of blood, so when the blastocyst attaches to it, it might cause slight bleeding. Some women think that they can really feel the time when blastocyst implantation and one can say that they are wrong?


Everything pregnant women should know during 1-week fetus

Congratulations, you now officially pregnant. After 2 weeks the embryo is formed, this week means you are in the beginning stages of pregnancy and had a sperm and an egg combine to succeed. If by chance that you fall two eggs at the same time and both were fertilized, you will carry twins. You would not know it, all things are happening deep inside your fallopian tubes, and extremely small to be able to recognize. Although the first weeks of pregnancy, you still have to take a few weeks or so before you feel the effects of pregnancy hormones on the body.