The ‘must-haves’ that you should look for in a bankruptcy attorney

The bankruptcy attorneys are often considered as the beneficiaries of a tough and stressed economy but their clients who know little about the entire process are often at a loss when it comes to seeking the help of an expert. With creditors turning over the accounts to the debt collection agencies and desperation mounting among the citizens, many people foolishly select a bankruptcy attorney. Bankruptcy is a legal process that involves a number of legalities and options that you should take care of but when you have the assistance of an attorney, the entire process become easier. Here are some ‘must-haves’ that you should look for in a bankruptcy attorney before hiring him.

  • Ensure that you get the services that you pay for: It’s a very simple fact that the fee will actually be the key element in selecting a bankruptcy attorney as it is pretty impossible to pay hefty fees while you’re on the verge of filing bankruptcy. But as the price ranges from $1,000 to $3,000, it’s important to ensure what you exactly need from the bankruptcy attorney. While there are trustworthy bankruptcy attorneys that might look for hefty fees in lieu of the services, there are some others whose priority is to help you get out of debt and start afresh. So, when you’re paying the fees, you should know what you’re supposed to get in lieu of the fees.
  • Check is he’s updated with the 2005 changes: While you’re on the verge of filing bankruptcy, you must be well aware of the fact that the Congress has upgraded some changes in the bankruptcy code. Although the changes have made it tougher for the debtors to file bankruptcy, the law requires them to be true about their monthly income and assets. Before hiring your bankruptcy attorney, you should ask him queries related to the recent changes so that you may know whether or not he is aware of them.
  • Ask lot of questions: As there are too many scam attorneys in the market who are waiting to dig a hole in your wallet, you should test the authenticity of the bankruptcy attorney. Ask lot of questions to test his knowledge. Your questions might include information like the certificates that he carries, the number of bankruptcy cases that he has handled, how much of your access is needed while filing bankruptcy and the time frame within which you can complete the entire process and also get a discharge of your debts.
  • Seek recommendation from your family: You should seek recommendation from your family and friends and ask them about the quality of the bankruptcy attorney that you’re looking at. If they say positive things about your attorney, you might be sure that he is a good one with good interests in mind.
  • Contact your state bar association: Every state has a bar association and that lists practicing the lawyers in your area. In order to find the website of the association, you can simply Google the name and this will link you to the lawyers and the attorneys in your state. You can even review the complaints regarding the attorneys so that you may know the exact worth of such lawyers and the quality of services that they provide. Once you know the details of the bankruptcy attorney, it will become easier for you to choose them and work with them.

Therefore, before you check your finances to file bankruptcy, get in touch with a bankruptcy attorney. You should look for all the above ‘must-haves’ in him before you finalize the deal. With the increasingly large number of people who are trying to get help from the bankruptcy attorneys, there is a simultaneous rise in the number of scam lawyers who are trying to prey on you. If you don’t want them to break your trust, always stay informed about your decision and remain aware of the changes in the law and in the bigger picture.

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