29th November 2023

Today technology has significantly advanced, and it is now possible to know how reliable a company is through online reviews. Typically online law firm reviews can either make or break a law firm’s practice. Any law firm wishing to be successful should always ensure that it keeps a positive online presence. Professional practise, and quality client service is key to ensuring this. Consumers today are no longer, depending on the traditional word of mouth referral.  Online review sites such as UK.collected.reviews provides law firms reviews helping potential clients to know how reliable a law firm is.  Clients can, therefore, be able to make informed decisions based on other peoples past experiences and the overall online ratings of the law firm. Below are some of the best law firm review websites that you can use to know how reputable a law firm is.


This review site is specially designed for individuals searching for lawyers. It is user friendly and allows for a user to search by the area of practice and location

How to enhance Avvo

A lawyer can optimize their profile on Avvo by posting important information regarding their law practice, such as their rates. With Avvo, it is possible to keep track of your overall rating and lawyer review. It also allows one to answer the questions found in the legal Q&A forum, thus keeping the conversation going and increasing one’s visibility.

Google lawyer reviews

Google has grown to be a great contributor as far as online reviews are concerned. This is because it is the most prevalent search engine globally. It enables potential clients to find law firms reviews effortlessly as it just displays the reviews on the right side of the window where they can be found easily.

How to enhance Google lawyer reviews

You can use Google my business to help your law firm connect with more potential clients. You are in control of the information that appears in your business profile, including contact information and hours of operation. You can also reply to reviews and determine the persons you will be interacting with on the Google business page.


Lawyers.com offers free services for small law firms and individual lawyers who aren’t sure where to provide legal services. Here you’ll find millions of law firms’ profiles worldwide and articles on a choice of legal topics.

How to enhance Lawyers.com

The legal fraternity considers Lawyers.com a top-ranking website. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that you have a profile giving full information about your law firm and its practice. This website makes it possible for clients to contact you with a form it provides.


Having your firm’s presence at NOLO will increase its visibility. Potential clients will look at different firm’s reviews on the site and select the one with the best reviews. NOLO has grown and presently consist of over a million consultation requests, and thus it is essential to have your presence here.

How to enhance NOLO

NOLO provides many marketing options. With a basic profile, you will be able to be publishing articles and gain exposure. You can also have a premium membership that has targeted ads.


Almost everyone knows Facebook. Globally, there are about 2.4 billion Facebook users. A law firm can  Capitalize on this vast user base by having a Facebook page.

How to enhance Facebook

Business Facebook profiles are easy to create and maintain. Most users are on Facebook, and thus, they are likely to visit your page. Request your client to go to your page and leave a review of the great service they received.

Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau is known for having a solid standing for accuracy in rating and reviews. Contrasting with other review sites, the Better Business Bureau investigates complaints and resolves them.

How to enhance Better Business Bureau

Your rating on Better Business Bureau does not just depend on your client reviews. A law firm can earn accreditation by Better Business Bureau after undergoing and passing a thorough evaluation. Always respond when Better Business Bureau contacts you due to poor reviews. Disregarding such can result in a negative effect on your rating.

In conclusion, you might be having a law firm and want to reach more clients. Online reviews can be a great way to achieve a greater reach. Register your law firm in the above review sites, ensure that you maintain professionalism and excellent service, which will help you get positive reviews, thus increasing your chances of winning clients.