28th November 2023


If you are in a car accident, it might be the worst time of your life. Not only dealing with the injuries is tough but apart from that, your mind might be boiling with so many random questions you want answers for. A Sacramento car accident lawyer has listed some frequently asked questions and answered them:


What can I do after a car accident?

 As soon as you realize that you have met with an accident, the first thing you need to do is check yourself for injuries. Call 911 for immediate help. Further, click photos and collect the information of the witness present at the scene. This serves as evidence, helping you claim compensation.


Is going to the courtroom mandatory if I file a car accident claim?

Most car accident cases get solved out of the courtroom. Hire a competent lawyer who is good at negotiating skills. Most of the cases are solved by lawyers outside the court and they do not go to the courtroom. However, if both parties can not come to a mutual agreement, you can take the litigation case and you will be represented by your lawyer.


What is the list of evidence that I need to get compensation?

You will not get compensation just by filing the lawsuit. You will need to collect evidence to prove that you were innocent and the accident was the fault of the other party involved. The evidence you will need is- medical documents, witness testimonials, photos of the accident scene, police records, and CCTV footage (if available).


How can I be sure that the lawyer I am choosing is the right one?

 While choosing a lawyer you need to be very careful and look for certain traits. You need to see how experienced the lawyer is. Further, observe how comfortable you are when you are with your lawyer. Customer testimonials are also an important factor to consider.


What is the time frame for lodging the lawsuit?

In most states, the time frame to lodge a lawsuit is two years from the day of the accident. However, it might vary from one state to the other. If you are past the two years time mark, you lose a chance to lodge a lawsuit.


Should I talk to my insurance company?

You can talk to an insurance company in the presence of your lawyer. Talking to an insurance company without the supervision of a lawyer might lure you to settle down for a low settlement.