5th December 2023

Tim Hansen, who became a partner at Chow McLeod in 2019, is now the sole owner at the prominent local law firm

Tim Hansen, who became a partner at Chow McLeod in 2019, is now the sole owner at the prominent local law firm following the appointments of David Chow as a provincial court judge and Tim McLeod as a provincial cabinet minister.

“It’s possible, I suppose, that people might be confused about the name at this point,” Hansen told the Moose Jaw Express. “I’ve been a partner for five years, and it’s never been a priority for me, because I prefer to focus on the work, and it has been very busy. I might have to change the name at some point in the future, though.”

David Chow, who was recognized as a then-Queen’s Counsel in 2020 and currently serves as the chair of the Law Foundation of Saskatchewan, was appointed as a provincial court judge at the end of July.

Hansen explained that as part of that appointment, Chow was required to divest himself of his private ownership in the firm. 

Tim McLeod, who has not functionally participated in the law firm’s practice since his election in 2020 as MLA for Moose Jaw North, is also now completely disassociated with Chow McLeod following his appointment as minister of mental health and addictions, seniors, and rural and remote health on Aug. 29.

“When he was an MLA, according to the office that administers conflicts of interest, he could act as a solicitor, but he wasn’t able to go to court as a barrister. So, he could potentially do non-court stuff, but he hasn’t had an ownership stake in Chow McLeod since he was elected.” Hansen said.

“But when he was appointed as a provincial cabinet minister, my understanding is that he had to stop any legal work altogether.

“So, it’s all on me now,” Hansen added. “I’m the only owner at this firm.”

Chow and McLeod’s files have stayed at the law firm, and Hansen has the help of junior lawyers Parker Chow and Reagan King to continue uninterrupted legal services for those clients.

Originally from Regina, Hansen went to university in Nova Scotia, where he received a BA from Acadia in 2011 and his Juris Doctor from Dalhousie’s Schulich School of Law in 2014. He returned to Saskatchewan to article under the supervision of David Chow. He completed his articles in 2015 to become a practicing member of the Law Society of Saskatchewan.

Hansen maintains a general practice including work in the areas of civil, family, corporate, administrative, debt/insolvency, taxation, municipal, and provincial law.

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