29th May 2024

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London lawyer’s ‘searing’ filings amount to professional misconduct: Law Society

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A London lawyer has been found guilty of professional misconduct for hostility toward other professionals.

Oussama Djalaledine Hamza made “hostile, inflammatory, inaccurate and discriminatory” statements in court documents, correspondence and on his company’s website, the Law Society of Ontario Tribunal ruled.

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But the tribunal said allegations Hamza posted racist and sexist comments on social media were not the Law Society’s responsibility to police.

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Hamza started practising law in Ontario in 2019 and operated a solo-practitioner office, Hamza Law, in London, according to the tribunal ruling.

Beginning in August 2020, the Law Society received several complaints about the lawyer’s messages on social media.

In response to an article by a prospective law student born in Nigeria, Hamza posted photographs of the student and his family with “thought bubbles” that suggested the lawyer was a criminal, drug dealer and slave lover.

About women he posted on social media, “women didn’t write their histories because they didn’t care to do so” and “women just don’t care about history or philosophy” because “women don’t generally consider being a philosopher or historian ‘sexy.’”

The tribunal ruled that though many of the comments may be offensive, they didn’t breach the Law Society’s code of conduct and quoted a previous ruling that it’s not the Law Society’s responsibility to police speech in these circumstances.

But Hamza’s responses to the Law Society investigations into the matter did amount to professional misconduct, the tribunal ruled.

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He refused to participate in interviews with the investigator, began litigation against the Law Society and complainants, failed to obey a court order and started litigation against the judge who gave an order.

His court filings in the matter are ridden with “searing and inappropriate criticism” the tribunal found.

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“The fact all the judges at the London courthouse are European colonizers who lived through the colonial era means they are ipso facto white supremacists and Islamophobes; otherwise, they would be back in Europe, and not in Canada to start,” Hamza wrote in one document.

“I have reason to believe that (a complainant’s lawyer) is a racist for talking to me the way he did, and that (the judge) is also a racist for letting (the lawyer) talk to me like that,” Hamza wrote.

Two complainants in the case “get free passes” at law schools “for being criminals,” he wrote in another document.

“Both of them reduce the law profession to a joke. They are so privileged that they even have big firm lawyers defend them. This is either because they can afford big lawyers to run their big privileged mouths, or because these lawyers are willing to work for them for free. Either way, their excess of privilege is apparent,” he wrote.

Hamza also attacked the Law Society of Ontario, the regulatory body for lawyers provincewide.

Under the auspices of the LSO, “the practice of law in Ontario is controlled by mobs. Gangs control big firms, law school admissions and the LSO,” he wrote.

The tribunal found the court filings breach rules to “to carry on the practice of law honourably and with integrity.”

Hamza could not be reached for comment. His company’s website can no longer be accessed without sign-in credentials.

A hearing to determine punishment and costs will be scheduled, the tribunal said.

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