Look Different with Anti-mainstream Hijab Style


Many suspect that wearing the hijab prevents us from appearing fashionable. In fact, more and more Muslim women in the world are wearing the headscarf without fear.

Western countries have also begun to open up to women in hijab and avoid various stereotypes that are not true. This is evidenced by the City of London as the host of Modest Fashion Week. The annual show features hijabs and dresses that cover the entire body in all its splendor.

Therefore, the hijab has become part of the development of fashion. Hijab Not surprisingly, we can easily find various innovations in Muslim clothing and hijab lately. Well, as reported by StyleCraze.com, here are five inspirations for anti-mainstream hijab styles from some influencers.

Plain hijab without pins, safety pins or needles

For those of you who often go to college or work in a hurry, the hijab style without using needles or pins is perfect for you. You don’t have time to wrap your hijab with shaped pins or just a small piece of needle and pin.

Have you ever bought a hijab that has a beautiful motif on only one corner? However, you are confused about how the striking motif can be clearly seen in your appearance. If so, then this hijab style is the right choice. Unisma Show off the magnificent patterned side to cover the chest.
Accessory loops to give a little sparkle to the look
Add something flashy to the hijab that looks plain or boring. You can take advantage of the jewelry lying on the dressing table. One of them, by inserting several rings into some of the loose parts of the hijab.
Hijab style with pin on one side
The hijab pinned on the side is probably one of the most common hijab styles you will encounter. Indeed, this style is the easiest and most practical for everyday looks. Simply wrap the cloth around your head and secure it to one side of your head or face with tongs. You only need two minutes to do it.
Hijab style with earrings 
Don’t be upset just because you wear a hijab, doesn’t mean you can’t add earrings to your appearance. The solution, tie the hijab behind the earlobe.Hijab Leave a little gap in the hole to insert the earrings. Then, you can use these ear accessories to perfect your OOTD.
Another no less trendy way to show off your earrings while wearing a hijab is with a turban style. Cover all your hair with a hijab cloth and tie it on one side of the nape of the neck. Place the fabric that extends in front of the shoulders. Get your favorite earrings ready, and get ready to pose.