28th November 2023

Launched at the beginning of the year, with the mission to support start-ups and simplify the lawyer-client relationship, the NewLaw.ro platform has identified and analysed the main legal needs of a start-up. In the first 6 months since its launch, the most frequent requests recorded on the NewLaw.ro platform from entrepreneurs focused on legal consulting in business law and practical support in complying with GDPR requirements.

The NewLaw.ro platform was developed and implemented by lawyer Bogdan Ilie and his colleagues from the NDI Law team, lawyers with over 15 years of experience in legal services, with the aim of streamlining the client-lawyer relationship by facilitating remote collaboration. Clients exclusively pay for the legal services they receive, with an initial consultation of up to 30 minutes being free. Similarly, both for clients and lawyers, the use of the NewLaw.ro platform is also free of charge.

Therefore, the platform supports the sustainable development of businesses and comes to the aid of entrepreneurs, as well as individuals, who require various legal services provided by specialized lawyers, regardless of their location.

“Most start-ups, especially in the early stages of development, do not have a dedicated lawyer or legal department, which is the gap we aim to fill. For an entrepreneur without legal studies and expertise, navigating the complexity of legislation can become overwhelming. Whether it’s about protecting intellectual property, drafting and managing contracts, or ensuring compliance with data protection regulations, these entrepreneurs face serious challenges. And without the proper expertise and guidance, significant problems can arise for the business,” states Bogdan Ilie (in opening picture), lawyer and founder of NewLaw.ro.

The legal needs of a startup:

In the first 6 months since its launch, the NewLaw.ro platform identified a significant correlation between the most frequent requests recorded from entrepreneurs and the most common legal needs of start-ups, namely: choosing the company structure at its establishment, negotiating and concluding commercial contracts, protecting intellectual property, managing personal data, and legal consultancy for obtaining various funding.

Only 1 in 5 start-ups file applications for intellectual property rights.

A recent study conducted by the European Patent Office (EPO) and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) highlights how patents and trademarks contribute to the success of European startups. The report shows that, on average, start-ups that have filed these two types of intellectual property rights (IP) during the initial or growth stages are up to 10.2 times more likely to obtain funding. In Romania, only one in five start-ups files applications for intellectual property rights, placing it below the European Union average (29%)

“Indeed, in Romania, very few start-ups file applications for intellectual property rights, thus missing out on a significant opportunity to strengthen their position, avoid potential disputes, and ensure long-term sustainability. We expect that as awareness of the importance of protecting intellectual assets grows, we will witness a significant increase in interest for these services. It’s a natural progression in an increasingly competitive business environment, where innovation and safeguarding innovation are crucial for the sustainable success of a company,” adds Bogdan Ilie.

About NewLaw.ro

NewLaw.ro is the first digital platform for collaboration with a lawyer and one of the few digital legal entrepreneurship projects in Romania. Applying the principles of the NewLaw philosophy involves using technology to enhance the relationship between lawyer and client. The NewLaw.ro platform acts as a bridge between the client and the lawyer, regardless of their location in Romania. Collaborating lawyers are carefully selected, experienced professionals capable of combining legal knowledge with business practice, and they benefit from ongoing support from the NDI Law team in resolving legal situations raised by clients

The platform encompasses lawyers specialized in most types of legal services, including those related to Corporate Law, Public Procurement, Labor Law, Family Law, Administrative Law, Tax Law, and Business Criminal Law. It serves as a support for the entire collaboration process with them, from exchanging offers and contracts to managing documents for a case. Currently, NewLaw.ro covers areas in Bucharest, Ilfov, Brașov, Pitești, Târgu Mureș, Craiova, Timișoara, Cluj, Constanța, and Oradea. According to Bogdan Ilie, they plan to expand to other cities in the near future, such as Iași, Baia Mare, and Arad.

*This is a Press release.