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Things You Should Know About Custody – Shares 2023 ThreeBestRated® Award-winning MFC Lawyers From Guelph

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While maneuvering a divorce case, not only do couples undergo a lot of stress, but also the children. Because divorce can mess with the child’s mental and emotional stability and can have negative repercussions on his/her future. Therefore, in order to protect the children’s rights and to ensure they receive ample attention and support from both parents, the law has formed custody arrangements. It is in fact an important step in divorce when children are involved.

There are a lot of things you must know about custodianship to obtain the desired outcomes. But who can explain it more than an expert? Therefore, we spoke to Erika. A. Macleod, a 2023 ThreeBestRated® awarded family lawyer from Guelph, ON., to explain this. And, she feels happy about sharing her knowledge with you.

  • There are two types of custody– physical and legal custody. Legal custody provides the right to make an important decision about the child’s upbringing like education, medical care, religion, etc., while physical custody allows the non-custodial parent to spend time with their children.
  • Custody can be sole or joint – Sole custody provides both the parents legal and physical custody on the other hand, with joint custody the parent share the legal and physical custody.
  • The custody orders are changeable at any time. In case of any alterations in the child’s needs, or parents’ move, it will be changed pursuant to the changed circumstances.
  • While deciding the custody, the child’s interest gains prominence, however, various other factors like the child’s age, parents’ ability, child’s relationship with each parent, etc., will be taken into account.
  • Custody is determined through either mediation or negotiation or litigation. When the parent cannot come to an agreement, the court will decide based on the interest of the child.
  • When custody can’t be determined due to a high level of conflict between the parents, therapists or a mediator will be appointed to achieve this.
  • If you don’t follow the court’s order regarding custody or visitation, you will more likely be landed in jail or end up paying a fine.

As this process will be overwhelming and complex, in case of things goes wrong, that can disturb the future of your child. So it is always better to get assistance from an experienced attorney to get the best outcomes, says the attorney.

The Uniqueness Of Erika. A. Macleod & Her Firm, MFC Lawyers:

Attorney Erika. A. Macleod is one of the most successful and highly skilled family lawyers in the Ontario region, who have appeared at all levels of the Ontario Court of Appeal, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, the Ontario Family Court, and the Ontario Court of Justice. She has a proven record of successfully representing clients. Erika’s approaches are so unique that are tailored to meet every individual’s circumstances and sort out the conflicts. She works closely with her clients to have a better understanding of their situation and provides strategic advice to them that brings betterment in their lives.

She opened her law firm MFC Lawyes in 2015, which is a boutique law firm with a particular focus on family law. At MFC Lawyers, Erika has built a steadfast team of lawyers who have great negotiating skills, significant experience in handling sensitive and complex family cases, and empathy for their clients. They take pride in being the person who can help people at their most difficult times. To get their appointment, click here to visit their website: https://www.mfclawyers.com/

With their hard work and dedication, they have become the largest boutique law firm within this short span of time. With their compassion, dedication, and knowledge they have cracked the rigorous 50-Point Inspection to top the row of ThreeBestRated®. On receiving this award, they say, “It has shone a light on our hard work and dedication to getting the best results for our clients in the most cost-effective manner”.

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