29th November 2023

S. Kyla Thomson

Editor’s note: Attorneys at Goede, DeBoest & Cross respond to questions about Florida community association law. With offices in Naples, Fort Myers, Coral Gables and Boca Raton, the firm represents community associations throughout Florida and focuses on condominium and homeowner association law, real estate law, litigation, estate planning and business law.

Q: My condominium association is undergoing a large common area renovation.  At the beginning of the project, the Board and the management company announced that we had enough reserves and other operating funds to undertake the renovation without a special assessment.  Recently, they announced that a special assessment was needed in order to finish the renovation.  The amount of the proposed special assessment is more than half of the budgeted amount for the whole renovation.  As you can imagine, the owners are very upset as these renovations were mostly for aesthetic purposes.  There are even some owners who believe there may be something suspicious going on as it relates to the amounts being charged to the association by its vendors.  What are our options? –M.D., Hollywood